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ACMCRN on Arachnoiditis provides you with a variety of materials and resources to help support your journey with Arachnoiditis. Here you will find practical resources on where to start, basic information about Arachnoiditis, educating yourself and the medical community, treatment options you can try, resources from The Tennant Foundation, files you can download, and external links to websites about rare diseases and Arachnoiditis


If you’re newly diagnosed, suspect that you have Arachnoiditis, or are one of the many thousands who have been misdiagnosed. Here you will find the tools to get started on your treatment plan and to connect with others like you.

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Learn about the most current and up-to-date treatment options for Arachnoiditis. You’ll find supplements, prescriptions, dietary advice, alternative methods, and holistic approaches for tackling Arachnoiditis.


Great resource from The Tennant Foundation. Dr. Tennant is one of the very few physicians currently studying Arachnoiditis and regularly releases informative bulletins; articles; books; and videos on Arachnoiditis.

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Want to learn more about Arachnoiditis? This section includes how to treat neuroinflammation; regenerate tissue; and controlling pain that is based on the  Three Component Protocol developed by Dr. Tennant. You will also find information on treating flare ups, what to do if you’re progressing, understanding your MRI, spinal fluid leaks and obstruction, and much more.


This section is for the Healthcare Professional  with resources on educational materials, diagnosing Arachnoiditis, MRI imaging patterns, articles, and other resources for the medical professional.

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This section contains downloadable and printable articles, bulletins, chronicles, and many other resources for you and your physician.