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Anyone dealing with an ongoing medical condition such as Arachnoiditis is eager to find the most effective treatment for themselves or a family member. Many dedicate endless hours researching, speaking with peers and scanning groups. We want to know if there are treatments that will work better, if our side effects are unusual, or if changes in diet, lifestyle or vitamins could make a difference. We look for people similar to ourselves and seek to learn what works (and doesn’t) for them.


So far there have been almost a thousand Arachnoiditis patients and caregivers who have filled out the StuffThatWorks survey. The insights gathered from this research will help the Arachnoiditis community understand more about our common experiences and work as a Pilot Study to help us understand what our upcoming Research trials should prioritize. 


For patients, STW provides a good resource for new Arachnoiditis treatments and education, as well as opportunities to meet others with the same challenges. 


Take a moment to create an account and get started on the StuffThatWorks survey. 

Click play to view the insights from the last set of data, but we are currently working on a whole new set of insights from our 1000 participants. We are very excited to be releasing them soon so be sure and check back, plus we will be sending out a notice in our monthly newsletter.

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