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Arachnoiditis Awareness Month


ACMCRN is proud to present Arachnoiditis Awareness Month—an entire month dedicated to raising awareness, providing support, and driving positive change for individuals affected by Arachnoiditis. Throughout this month, we come together as a community to shed light on this debilitating condition and make a meaningful impact in the lives of those living with Arachnoiditis. 

This page will be updated throughout the month of July, so be sure to bookmark it!

The First-Ever Arachnoiditis Patient Registry

We are thrilled to announce that we will soon be launching the first-ever Arachnoiditis Patient Registry. This groundbreaking initiative aims to collect comprehensive data from individuals living with Arachnoiditis. By joining the registry, you contribute to a valuable resource that will advance research, enhance understanding, and ultimately improve the lives of those affected by Arachnoiditis. We are anticipating a launch date in July of this year. Stay tuned for more information on how you can participate in this important endeavor and join our NEWSLETTER to be notified when we launch it.

Click on the video above to watch and learn more about patient registries! Please be patient as it may take a minute to load, meanwhile, scroll down to see what else we have to offer you. Thank you for your understanding!"

Arachnoiditis Awareness Month

Fundraising Merchandise for Arachnoiditis Awareness

Support our cause and show your solidarity by purchasing exclusive Arachnoiditis Awareness Month merchandise. We offer a range of items, including t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, tote bags, and stickers—all featuring our distinctive awareness design. What makes these purchases even more impactful is that 100% of the profits directly contribute to our efforts to raise awareness, fund research, and provide crucial support to individuals affected by Arachnoiditis. By wearing and using these merchandise items, you not only raise visibility but also make a tangible difference in the lives of those living with Arachnoiditis. Together, we can drive positive change and improve the lives of individuals affected by this condition.

Join us in spreading awareness about Arachnoiditis this July, recognized as Arachnoiditis Awareness Month. We have curated a comprehensive Social Media Toolkit to empower you with the resources you need to make a meaningful impact.

Visit our Social Media Toolkit page to access a collection of Facebook profile graphics and videos from our YouTube channel. These powerful visuals are designed to help you raise awareness and start conversations about Arachnoiditis within your online community.

By using these resources, you can make a difference and educate others about the challenges faced by those living with Arachnoiditis. Together, we can shed light on this condition, offer support, and inspire hope. Together, we can make a lasting impact!

Visit our  Social Media Toolkit page

Introducing Our Arachnoiditis Awareness Social Media Toolkit!

Honoring Joseph David: The Faces of Arachnoiditis

This Arachnoiditis Awareness Month, we pay tribute to the late Joseph David, a courageous individual who fought valiantly against the pain and complications caused by Arachnoiditis. His story serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by individuals living with this condition and the urgent need for improved understanding, treatment options, and support. Join us as we share Joseph's story and honor his memory.


Navigating the challenges of Arachnoiditis can be overwhelming, but you don't have to face it alone.


Join our Zoom Peer Support program, where patients and caregivers can connect, share experiences, and provide each other with invaluable support.


These virtual sessions create a safe and understanding environment to discuss challenges, seek advice, and find solace in a community that truly understands.

Zoom Support Meetings

Support Our Mission: Donate and Volunteer Today!

Where Does Your Donation Go?

When you donate to us, your contribution has a significant impact on achieving our mission. As a Canadian non-profit with a global outreach, we are 100% volunteer-driven, ensuring that every dollar goes towards making a difference. Here's where your donation is directed:

  1. Patient Registry: Your support helps us establish and maintain the first-ever Arachnoiditis patient registry, providing a crucial platform for patients to upload their medical records.

  2. Practitioner Outreach: Funds are allocated to reach out to medical professionals, raising awareness and promoting better diagnosis and treatment practices.

  3. Patient Outreach: Your donation helps us support patients directly, providing resources, guidance, and a sense of community for those affected by Arachnoiditis.

  4. Community Awareness: We invest in awareness campaigns, education initiatives, and events to spread awareness and reduce stigma surrounding Arachnoiditis.

  5. Diagnosis and Treatment Protocols: Your contribution supports the development of standardized protocols for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment options.

  6. Education Materials: We create informative materials for both patients and physicians, empowering them with knowledge and resources to manage Arachnoiditis effectively.

  7. Running and Maintaining Zoom Peer Support Meetings: Your donation also covers the costs associated with organizing and maintaining Zoom peer support meetings, providing a safe and inclusive space for individuals to connect, share experiences, and support one another.


Additionally, your donation assists with other essential expenditures, including website-related expenses such as hosting, email services, domain hosting, and upkeep. It also helps cover non-profit organization overhead expenses and the e-commerce store for fundraising, including platform-associated costs.

Volunteer Opportunities:

We highly value the skills and expertise of our community members. Before seeking paid contractors, we explore the Arachnoiditis Volunteer Registry to engage those within our community. If you or someone you know would like to contribute their talents, please encourage them to apply at our Arachnoiditis Volunteer Registry.

We welcome volunteers of every kind! Whether you can donate your time or financial resources, your support helps us make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by Arachnoiditis. Join us in supporting our community and working together towards a brighter future. Healthy volunteers are particularly needed!

Please consider donating or volunteering today to help us continue our important work. Together, we can make a significant impact in the fight against Arachnoiditis.

Zoom Peer Support Program for Patients and Caregivers

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