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International Patient Registry

Welcome to our International Patient Registry – your gateway to groundbreaking research and improved patient care for Arachnoiditis! ACMCRN proudly joins forces with LunaPBC (a public benefit corporation) and Genetic Alliance (a nonprofit organization) to launch the groundbreaking Arachnoiditis Patient Registry. Our registry aims to responsibly collect crucial information about this rare disease, paving the way for policy influence in government and healthcare, extracting invaluable insights from collective experiences, and propelling advancements in treatments and interventions for those affected by Arachnoiditis. By clicking on the "Register Now" button, you'll be taken to our secure portal where you can join the registry.

Within the registry, you have the power to upload your Electronic Medical Health (EHR) records, DNA files, and to participate in Arachnoiditis related studies enabling researchers to gain deeper insights into Arachnoiditis. Your valuable data will drive research advancements and contribute to finding better treatment options and potential cures.

To make an impact right away, we're opening with two studies that you can participate in, with more in depth coming soon. By registering now, you'll be among the first to receive notifications about new opportunities.

Your involvement is crucial in shaping the future of Arachnoiditis research and patient care. Join the movement today, and together, let's bring hope to countless lives. Click the "Register Now" button and be a catalyst for change!

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Intro to Patient Registries

New to Patient Registries? Watch this informative video to learn how these dynamic databases are revolutionizing healthcare, including our very own Arachnoiditis Patient Registry. Explore the significance of patient engagement and how your participation can drive research advancements and enhance patient care for Arachnoiditis. Discover the power of our patient registry today!

Intro to Registries
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