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mental and emotional health

Welcome to the Mental and Emotional Health page on the ACMCRN website, a valuable resource for individuals seeking information and support for mental and emotional wellness. Here you will find a variety of articles, resources, and tips on managing stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as addressing issues related to trauma, addiction, and grief. Our page offers self-help tools, including guided meditations and relaxation exercises, as well as information on local support groups and mental health providers. We update the page regularly to provide the latest information and resources on mental and emotional health, making it a comprehensive and reliable resource for anyone looking to improve their overall well-being.

Along with Friends in Arachnoiditis, we offer Zoom peer support meetings. We have meetings for women, men, and open discussion meetings. Patients and caregivers are encouraged to attend the meetings. You can find the meeting dates and times on our Calendar of Events page. 

Check out our Arachnoiditis Community Forum here on this website. This is a member only forum and a place where you can interact with other members. You will need to create an account to access the forum. .  

Arachnoiditis Community Forum
ACMCRN Private Support Group

Visit our ACMCRN Private Support Group. This Facebook is a group dedicated to providing support and resources for individuals and families affected by Arachnoiditis. The group offers a safe and supportive community where members can share their experiences, ask questions, and connect with others who understand what it's like to live with this rare condition. With a focus on education and advocacy, the group provides valuable information and resources to help individuals better manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life. 

The ACMCRN Facebook group is a public-facing group that provides resources and support for individuals and families affected by rare diseases, including Arachnoiditis. With a focus on education, advocacy, and awareness, the group offers valuable information and resources to help individuals better manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life. Members of this group can access a wide range of resources, including informational articles, videos, and community events. 


Articles & Resources

Video, "Understanding the Unique Mental Health Needs in People Facing Rare Disease"

Accepting a Chronic Pain Diagnosis- a must read for anyone with Arachnoiditis or any chronic pain condition.

Chronic Pain Diagnosis: A Trip Through the 5 Emotional Stages (

Becky Hill (CSF Leak and Arachnoiditis). Becky has a wonderful blog about her journey with Arachnoiditis and I highly recommend that you take the time to check it out. Here's a great article she wrote that I highly recommend you read if you're struggling daily living with a chronic illness like Arachnoiditis called Waves of Grief in Chronic Illness | Becky Hill's Blog (

Mindful Natalie- another great blog about accepting your life with chronic pain and how to embrace mindfulness.

How Chronic Illness Taught Me to Apologize Less Often, With More Meaning | Mindful Natalie

In this informative video, designed for people with rare diseases such as Arachnoiditis, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of chronic pain and the mind-body connection. The speaker begins by explaining what chronic pain is and its underlying causes. The video then delves into the role that the mind-body connection plays in managing chronic pain and the various techniques that can be used to improve the connection between the mind and body. The speaker also covers the importance of mindfulness, meditation, and other practices in managing chronic pain, as well as strategies for reducing stress and improving overall well-being. With clear and engaging explanations, this video provides an excellent resource for individuals with rare diseases, such as Arachnoiditis, who are looking to better understand chronic pain and the mind-body connection.

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