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I was once very active. I used to mountain bike and road bike often and trail run 6 or 7 miles, two to three times a week. Was often in the gym working out to keep my fit looking figure. I tried a lot of active maintenance because I'm a software engineer and spend my whole day at work sitting at a computer.


Then one day I woke up in the hospital with a broken mind and a broken body. I had been hit head on by an ATV while mountain biking. Smashed my spine, broke all my ribs, and suffered severe brain shearing which caused bad amnesia. I could not remember much of my life. This was also just when COVID hot, so not only was I new and different, but so was the whole world. 


While struggling to remember who I am and what I do. I lost my job and the new house we were just purchasing and having built custom for us. We just sold the house we were in so we were essentially houseless for almost a year before I could get another job and another house. 


It is not easy to interview for a software job when you're actively trying to re teach yourself everything you once knew and have little memory of your previous work experience. My regular exercise is non existent. It is terribly difficult and painful to run with my new physical condition and finding the time to ride my bike is also difficult. I have regained much of my software skills, although I feel like I struggle more than I did before. Because of my physical damage I felt blessed to have a job that relies entirely on my mental skills. But at the same time my mind was also broken. I felt as if I had suffered the worst of two worlds. I have found some success amongst the most challenging and painful journey of my life, but it is still my life.


Enoch Carter

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