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Allan Schwartz-Featured Faces of Arachnoiditis Story


Allan Schwartz's story of enduring a rare spinal cord disease - as told in his new book, Called to Persevere: One man's journey to overcome pain, disease and disappointment with God - is both captivating and life changing. Arachnoiditis has caused him to be confined to a wheelchair, as he no longer has full use of his legs. 


Allan’s crippling pain began at age seventeen, and during the subsequent seventeen years, he endured 3 back surgeries, 6 epidurals, 7 spinal taps, several nerve blocks, and the implantation of a spinal cord stimulator. He has also undergone dozens of unsuccessful treatment plans such as hyperbaric treatment and IVIG (intravenous immunoglobulin) infusions. At age 20, he ventured to Germany for treatment. That treatment led to his ability to be out of the wheelchair, standing tall and walking! Unfortunately, just when he thought his miracle had finally come, tragedy struck just a short six months later - his arachnoiditis came back with a vengeance. 


Allan contracted arachnoiditis from his very first back surgery. He has suffered through more hospital stays, experimental treatments, misdiagnoses, and surgeries than most people endure in a lifetime. His darkest time was when he was bedridden for almost two years without a diagnosis. Throughout it all, Allan has maintained a positive attitude. His number one recommendation is to put your faith and trust in God. He believes that God has called him to persevere and encourages you to do the same. 


Enduring this disease together has made Allan and his wife stronger, both individually and as a couple. On several occasions, they were informed that Allan would not be able to become a father, but God had other plans. He blessed Allan and his wife with two beautiful, miracle children.

Please help support Allan's goal of making his book into a movie to help spread awareness about Arachnoiditis by purchasing your copy todayCalled to Persevere: One man's journey to overcome pain, disease and disappointment with God

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