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Support Arachnoiditis Research and Patient Registry


Thank you for considering a donation to ACMCRN, the Arachnoiditis and Chronic Meningitis Collaborative Research Network! Your support is crucial in advancing research, maintaining the Arachnoiditis International Patient Registry, and supporting various operational aspects of our organization.


Your Impact:


Your generous contributions have already made a substantial difference, enabling ACMCRN to achieve significant milestones, including:


- **Arachnoiditis International Patient Registry:**

  - Launching the first-ever Arachnoiditis International Patient Registry, a groundbreaking initiative that collects and analyzes data crucial for research and patient support.


- **Patient Survey Success:**

  - Conducting the first-ever patient survey, with over 1250 participants, amplifying the voices and experiences of those affected by Arachnoiditis.


- **Poster Abstracts Worldwide:**

  - Presenting Poster Abstracts at medical conventions throughout the world to share insights, advancements, and raise awareness among healthcare professionals.


- **Pioneering Website Design:**

  - Establishing the first-ever website dedicated to Arachnoiditis, providing a central hub for information, resources, and community engagement.


- **Fundraising Store Operations:**

  - Covering the costs to run our fundraising store, which serves as a valuable resource for supporters to contribute and raise awareness.


These accomplishments demonstrate the power of collective support in driving innovation and progress in the field of Arachnoiditis.


Ways to Give:

Donate via PayPal: Click the button below to be directed to PayPal's secure website. There, you can make a one-time donation or choose to set up recurring monthly contributions. Your flexibility in giving empowers our ongoing efforts.

Stay Connected:


  • Your support is invaluable to us, and we want to keep you in the loop about the incredible impact you're making. By subscribing to our newsletter, you'll receive regular updates, inspiring stories, and exclusive insights into the groundbreaking work being done at ACMCRN.

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Secure & Convenient:

Rest assured, your donation is secure and directly contributes to advancing Arachnoiditis and Chronic Meningitis research, maintaining the Arachnoiditis International Patient Registry, supporting the operation of your fundraising store, and other critical aspects of ACMCRN.

Your generosity fuels our collaborative efforts. Thank you for being a vital part of ACMCRN's mission to make a positive impact on arachnoiditis research and patient support!

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We are still accepting Donations to our Dr Terri Lewis PhD Memorial Fund.  As most of you know, Dr Lewis was one of our Founding members and our VP Research before she passed unexpectedly.  We have earmarked all funds that come through her Memorial Fund towards a yearly award. We are considering such awards as Young Investigator grants or a yearly Scholarship. This decision will be made and announced by year end. We hope you will consider a small donation.

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