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The Dr. Terri A Lewis ACMCRN Memorial

Dr. Terri A Lewis Memorial

It is with broken hearts and great sadness that we announce the passing of one of our ACMCRN Founding Directors.


Terri Lewis PhD as VP Research was instrumental in developing and guiding our Arachnoiditis Research efforts, including our Pilot study at Our ongoing research survey was custom developed with Terri's leadership, and we believe it is the largest Patient Reported survey to date in Arachnoiditis, with nearly 1100 respondents to date.


Terri was a known leader and Patient Advocate in the Chronic Pain and Arachnoiditis communities and her own recent research in Chronic Pain has been instrumental in the fight for appropriate pain management.


Our hearts go out to her family and friends who are grieving her passing also.


ACMCRN will be developing a Memorial project in her name and memory so that her herculean work in Arachnoiditis and Chronic Pain are not forgotten.

Please click on the yellow donate button below to donate in Dr. Terri Lewis name. In addition to carrying on her legacy of research in the field of Arachnoiditis, ACMCRN will be creating an annual award in her name. Terms of the award will be announced here on ACMCRN in July.  

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