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The Karen Schmidt ACMCRN Memorial Fund

Karen Schmidt Memorial.jpg

Welcome to the Karen Schmidt Memorial Fund page. Although Karen was new to the Arachnoiditis Community, she was loved by many and will be missed by the entire Arachnoiditis Community. This page is dedicated to her memory.


For those of you who did not know, Karen was diagnosed with a very painful inflammatory spinal cord disease called Arachnoiditis. Although not all cases of Arachnoiditis progress to the catastrophic stage, Karen's did. She had catastrophic Adhesive Arachnoiditis (AA) with ossifications.  The pain from this type of severity has been compared to stage 4 terminal bone cancer. Karen ultimately gave into the pain from her very painful AA.


Karen's family has asked that you donate to her ACMCRN memorial fund. ACMCRN is a nonprofit for Arachnoiditis. We are dedicated to bringing an end to the suffering of Arachnoiditis patients through education, awareness, and research. ACMCRN is entirely ran by volunteers and 100% of the donations go towards achieving our mission.

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