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Our "#Arachnoiditis Rare" team won number 1 place this season in the Game of Thrones (GO) slots games app. I've been creating Arachnoiditis or Rare Disease "teams" or guilds in Google Play games. In the group description I provide our website and a bit of information on Arachnoiditis where there is enough room.

You can find similar groups in Google Games Royal Match ("RareDiseaseArach"), Star Trek (Rare) and others. We do this to increase #arachnoiditisawareness, and for the fun of it! Some people with Rare Diseases play in our guilds, while others choose to join to show support. Why not join us! Join our team, or create a guild or team of your own using "Rare" or "Arachnoiditis " in the name. Then play together and win to show off our stuff! Just add our website in the description

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