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Breathing method for stress and pain

Have you learned about the different breathing methods for decreasing stress and pain?

Researchers sought to determine if breathing techniques are effective in reducing pain, and how they stacked up against mindfulness techniques.

Prolonged "sighing ", used intentionally as a treatment technique, appears to be the best. Seem too simple to really help?

Our sympathetic system, which responds to stress with increased muscle tension, increased heart rate etc absolutely does affect our pain levels. Slowing the sympathetic system by inducing the parasympathetic system is why rhythmic breathing exercises work.

The autonomic system,which is in charge of our daily autonomic system (heart rate, blood pressure, stomach emptying etc), is under the control of the parasympathetic system, until the sympathetic system initiates fight or flight (stress) responses.

Reducing stress thus reduces pain. Breathing exercises can be very effective when used everyday.

Breathing exercises for stress

Brief structured respiration practices enhance mood and reduce physiological arousal

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